Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why You Won't See a Short Story Every Week

Though I'm participating in the 52 short stories in a year project, finishing a short story every week (I'm considering a short story to be 2-30k, and anything shorter than that flash fiction, no matter how incorrect it is), you won't always see the short stories posted on WeBook, the blog, or anywhere else.

This is because they have to do with the world I am creating (and have been creating since Dec 4th, 2009), Paa'nik. The name, for those of you who are interested, came when I was doodling that Friday afternoon with my fountain pen... I was supposed to be doing math homework, and instead I was drawing trees. Some day I'll draw another of those trees and post it... but suffice it to say I had a spark of an idea for a world (which changed completely).

The original name was Pen'n'ink (or something of the sort), and the people were two dimensional and were grouped by colors, etc. They worshiped The Great Tree (which evolved into the name of Tegrete), and basically were very interesting.

By my birthday on December 19th, I'd changed that to three-dimensional humans living on their own planet, (as of yet unnamed), and up to now it's evolved into its own country with countries to the east, north, and south (and one which I'm not sure where to put-- not the west, as of yet). Paa'nik is the most developed of these countries, and one of its most important beliefs is that an unmarried person isn't a whole person. Because of this belief, they have a lot of marriage laws, and because I'm a hopeless romantic, this is the most developed aspect of that world. As such, all the stories I write with the riPaa'nik are romances, have practically no description, weird allusions to various laws, etc. They're written for myself, and though I'm supposed to be posting a short story a week... I care less about posting the short story than about fleshing out Paa'nik and its surrounding countries.

So when I'm writing a short story set in Paa'nik or any other of these 'personal' worlds, you won't be seeing any short stories that week.

Until, maybe, I can figure out some of the other things they esteem highly and come up with something other than ridiculous romances. Any ideas?

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