Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye, 2011! Hello, 2012!

It's been… a great year. I can't remember anything past… yesterday, but I'm very sure that it was a good year.

Scratch that. I can't even remember yesterday. I remember disjointed occurences, of course, but other than that, I can't think of many things that made this year the best ever. I think when I was one was the best year ever. So many new things!

Some highlights of 2011:
  • Taking care of a three-year-old for 3 days.
  • Taking the ACT
  • Spending a weekend with my best friend, walking in the gorge and studying
  • Leaving on the trip (and all that it entailed)
  • Reading 150 books

What will be some of the highlights of 2012:
  • Writing 1,200,000 words
  • Reading 150-175 books
  • Finishing Khan Academy material
  • Reading Les Trois Mousquetaires and Don Quijote in their original languages
  • Visiting China, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and more
  • Being super productive
  • Turning 18.

And quite a few others. I've got my plan set out for 2012's writing schedule. I'll be working on two projects at all times— in January this will be Riddle Rose and a rewrite of my NaNo'09, In Which There is Edward (I'll also be working on a NaNo swap every day, but it will not have a posting schedule.). I'll be updating all the blogs once a week (at least), reviewing books, and critiquing pieces from my critique group.

The posting schedule is:
Sunday: Post a blog post.
Tuesday: Post a chapter from Project #1 and #2. Post one critique.
Wednesday: Post another critique.
Friday: Post a chapter from Project #2. Post short story.
Saturday: Post a chapter from Project #1. Post a third critique. Post book review.

I'm not exactly sure how I've got Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday with two or three submissions and Monday and Tuesday with none, but I'm writing about three thousand words a day (what with 750 words of 'morning pages,' 500 words of Write Your World, planning for the chapters…), which means that I should be able to stay on top of things word-count-wise.

Time-wise, I'm not too sure if it's possible. It should be— I can write 3000 words in forty five minutes to two hours to a whole day, and I can read a book in two hours to twenty four hours to forty five days.

I'll be posting updates on my Day Zero Project's goals on there, but I'll also be updating here. At some point before January 31st, I'll have posts with goals separated by year an category (growth, reading, writing, official learning, unofficial learning, random, and travel). Those should be posted by Saturday, acutally.

Otherwise, I'm not sure what else to mention, besides a happy new year! Let's hope that those of us attempting crazy schedules and goals in 2012 will not burn out before January, Feburary, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, or December are through!

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