Thursday, January 6, 2011


I admit: I forgot about this.

But it's not just that. I FORGOT about KATHY...

Let me explain. In December we went towards Romania. I remembered Kathy in the airport. I wrote about her in the airport. (I started writing Heroism and Sticky Notes, which is pre-RaGC and kind of sucks).

Come January, I remembered that MilWordY was on. Which I should totally be competing in at the moment, only I feel like everything I'm writing comes out terribly.

ANYWAY: HaSN sucked. I could honestly not think of anything interesting about Kathy going into a class and learning about villain segments.

So I started introducing the other main characters: Allegra, Lucinda... and Robert.

And lo and behold: ROBERT started sparking all these things. What is Robert's job like? What exactly does he do? Why does he do it? How does he even MEET Kathy? Why would he meet her? Why wouldn't his coworker, Gus, meet Kathy instead? Why did Robert break up with Kathy?

Whereas the questions about Kathy were: gee... I have to write this... okay... she's going to class now.

I knew, fundamentally, having written three NaNovels till now (RaGC included), which all included some form of boring drivel/ annoying banter/ stupid characters, that writing in Kathy's POV would result in a terrible book and a never-finished series.

So... I PMed MystWarrior in a desperate attempt to figure out if HaSN would become a totally different book. Namely, a Robert POV book that contains not only pre-RaGC, but RaGC and post-RaGC... basically Robert's deal throughout this fate-distribution process.

Of course, RaGC and SaGE would be expanded slightly to include pre-RaGC scenes... just to further flesh out the series. Like Kathy remembering suddenly what her PR teacher told her when confronting a crazed idiot that wants to do her in. (the standard definition for heroes, btw)

Myst agreed... thankfully... and now I have to figure out a better synopsis. XD