Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Break Up

I've never been broken up with... I suppose, because of that, there is going to be really unrealistic, but oh well. I needed words. This gave me like 3529 words. I'm happy. XD Yes, so, here it is. I type in Courier font at 13pt, and I'm really not in the mood to change it and then find out that Blogger ruined all my lovely italics... so enjoy as is. ^_^

Sunshine filtered through the living room. It highlighted the fern's leaves and danced across Kathy's pen, bounced up to her face, and reflected the window in her eyes.
Kathy, however, was not paying any attention to the sunshine. In fact, she was frowning because of it. You see, Kathy had a problem, and it wasn't one of the kinds of problems one can solve easily.
She muttered as she scanned the seating for the wedding, frowning as she realized that there was no way she would ever manage to do this and stay sane at the same time. She almost wished that she and Robert had decided to elope— but then again, Lucinda would never forgive her had she decided to do so. And Allegra… but Kathy tried not to think of Allegra's reaction to an elopement.
"I can't sit Daddy next to Dr. Lime. They'd drive everyone else batty. And Mother has to be next to… no, not him. Mother HATES him. And… Cecile…" Kathy sighed and shouted toward Lucinda.
"Luce, does Cecile have a boyfriend?" Kathy asked, head in hands as she stared at the seating arrangements.
"Bryan Cummings, 23, born December 15th, 1988, dark brown hair, six feet, three and three quarter inches, weight one hundred ninety eight pounds. Been dating since August 13th of last year. Get along well— he's likeable and so is she. Both Usuals, in case you'd forgotten— I recommend leaving them with your mother or another— OH, and Bryan has connections to a billionaire, who you'll want to invite because he's highly influential." Lucinda drew a breath for the first time and continued. "Daniel Burroughby, lives just down the street."
"You're JOKING! We have a billionaire on Prescott Drive?” Kathy asked raising her head and looking ecstatic.
"Of course we do!" Lucinda said. "Now keep quiet, Rico and I are watching 'Kim Possible'."
"What, no physical police description?" Kathy asked.
"Of course not. You met him at the party." Lucinda said, rolling her eyes at Dr. Drakken's newest plan. If one could call struggling to open a pickle jar as a plan.
Kathy frowned. "What do you mean?"
"Allegra's new friend." Lucinda said. "You mean you didn't meet him?"
Kathy blanched. "You… you mean Allegra's being stalked by a billionaire?"
"Of COURSE!" Lucinda said. "Otherwise I wouldn't allow it. But he's the kind of man that will help Allegra with her temper, and in my opinion, that's wonderful."
Kathy nodded and twirled her red hair as she stared up at the ceiling. Then she scanned the finances. "Do you think we can get the billionaire to pay for the wedding?" she joked. "There's so many people I'm afraid Daddy will go broke."
Lucinda snorted haughtily. "I doubt that, Katherine. Your father is rich enough to pay for the wedding."
Kathy thought she was wise in dropping the subject of the wedding, and moved the seating arrangements to the other end of the desk, where she could easily ignore them. She drew her master plot towards her and opened All About Force Fields, trying to find something that she could possibly use in the plot.
She heard Lucinda going up the stairs to feed the upstairs fish, but didn't pay much attention because, after all, she was reading about force fields. What else could possibly be more interesting?
She didn't surface until later, when the well-known foot steps of the mail man sounded from outside.
"I'm getting it!" Lucinda said, clomping down the stairs. Kathy merely nodded.
"It's muggy outside," Lucinda said, "and it makes me feel baked and itchy and icky all at the same time." She came into the living room and handed Kathy an envelope. "From the fiancé. And… here's another one from my admirer! I hope this is a good one. The last letter, all he could talk about was how his glasses fogged up from the last time he saw me— do you think that's entirely sane, Katherine? And…" Lucinda scanned her letter quickly as she walked out of the living room.
"TICKLING!" she screeched. "He says he'd like to tickle me just to hear me laugh… again… and he's remembering all the jokes he told…" Lucinda suddenly went silent, and Kathy slowly closed her book, frowning as she tried to contemplate creating a force field as large as she'd need. She opened the envelope absent-mindedly and almost forgot she held it in her hand before shaking her head to clear it. She drew the letter out of the envelope and snuggled down to read what she was sure was going to be one of the sentimental, sweet letters Robert sent her every once in a while when he had too many things to say and not enough words on the tip of his tongue to say them with.
"You know," said Lucinda, "I'm not sure I like this admirer any more— I think I actually am getting a good idea of who it is… and I don't want to do that. He might become like Allegra's friend— Daniel."
Kathy grunted a response and skimmed the letter quickly— it was best to skim Robert's long letters— and this one was already filled with what looked like hundreds of lines with hundreds of words, all crammed together on a single page. She frowned as she caught the words "wedding", "can't", and "I'm sorry".
She skimmed again. Now she could decipher a couple of sentences, "the wedding's off", "I called the caterer", "I'm sorry."
What was he sorry about? Kathy couldn't understand it, though she'd read it twice already.
She started reading from the beginning, but her mind was racing, and it didn't seem to want to let her understand what she was reading.
"Dear Kathy," the letter started.
Okay, that was normal. That was like Robert. It was, wasn't it?
No, it wasn't. She realized with a sinking heart. He called her Kat when he wrote letters like this.
Or did he? She couldn't remember, couldn't remember anything, though memories and thoughts were racing past her brain so fast she couldn't catch them and find out what was going on.
She shook her head again and started from the beginning.
"Dear Kathy,
"I'm writing you a letter. I tried to tell you at the restaurant, at The Villain, but I couldn't tell you there.
"Knowing you, you'll understand, I hope, but I couldn't tell you face to face.
"I hope you don't think me a coward…
"… The wedding. I can't go through with it. You won't have to worry about that insane caterer— I called him and recompensed him for all his trouble so far. In fact, I went to everyone and told them the wedding's off.
"There's nothing you can do, Kat—" the Kat was crossed off and replaced with a Katherine, what was he saying? She had to keep reading, but she had a sinking feeling that nothing was going to get clearer. Nothing.
"There's nothing you can do, Katherine. It's not you— it's me. I can't get married to you with what's going on at my end."
What? What was going on at 'his end'? Why wasn't he telling her? Kathy felt in the dark. This wasn't making sense! Kathy shook her head rapidly. Lucinda would know. Lucinda always knew. But where was she?
"LUCINDA!" she shouted. "Come here!"
"What is it?" Lucinad asked, coming in grumpily.
"Tell me what this says—" Kathy said, thrusting the letter to Lucinda and putting her head in her hands. "I can't figure it out— he's— he's not making any sense. It's like he's saying the wedding's off— but that doesn't make any sense." She said, laughing shakily. "It doesn't actually say that, does it, Lucinda?" she asked, looking up at the old woman.
"Please tell me it doesn't." She whispered as she watched Lucinda's eyes scanning the letter rapidly, a frown growing more and more pronounced on her face.
"Lucinda…" Kathy ventured again…
Lucinda's face was mutinous now, and Kathy was becoming scared.
Was that actually what he'd written? Why? What was wrong with her? What had made him change his mind?
My god, is this about the high heels and the driving? She wondered. No, that's not like Robert. Is it?
"That…" Lucinda sputtered, her usually pale face now nearly purple. "That…" Lucinda, usually so calm, now spouted off a couple of words that made Kathy wonder if she was supposed to blush or not.
"What? It's… it IS true, isn't it? Please don't tell me it is… Lucinda!"
Lucinda turned towards Kathy and started as if she'd only just now noticed that she was there.
"Lucinda… it's not true, is it?"
Lucinda sat down in a huff. "That… that— I told you he was no good, but I held my tongue when I saw how smitten you were with him. I tell you, Kathy, he's having an affair, and he's just decided that he likes his—"
"Don't say that, Lucinda. I have to find him and—"
"No, here's the postscript." Lucinda said, her face still red. "Please don't look for me, Kat— you can't change my mind."
"This is crazy." Kathy said, her shoulders slumping and her eyes filling with tears. "This is a bad dream. I'll wake up and find out I've been dreaming. That's all." And she pinched herself, hard, then examined a bruise that was now forming.
"That hurt…" she said absently.
"Katherine, I'm going to make you a nice cup of tea." Lucinda said, standing up and patting Kathy's hand sympathetically. "And then I'll call Allegra over— we can all abuse the male species together."
Kathy shook her head absently. "No, thank you, Lucinda. I'll be fine. Don't bother Allegra— she has her own problems right now."
Lucinda tutted impatiently and went to the kitchen. "Nevertheless…"
"I don't want tea!" Kathy called, suddenly desperate, after her.
"I know!" Lucinda said. "I'm making some for myself!"
"Oh." Kathy said, slumping. She found she suddenly did want tea. Never mind. She wanted Allegra's entire teapot of tea, and then— but Kathy couldn't figure out what she wanted to do with Allegra's teapot.
There was something people used things like teapots for.
It definitely wasn't for making tea… but it would have come in handy now.
Kathy frowned and realized that she didn't want to be alone. She followed Lucinda to the kitchen, where she sat down heavily in one of the wooden, straightbacked chairs that Lucinda adored in her kitchen, and tried to find a comfortable.
Lucinda shot her a passing glance as she busied herself with the teapot.
Kathy stared, then realized that making tea in a teapot made complete and total sense.
Or did it? Her mind was racing one moment, then blissfully blank the next, and all the while, nothing made sense.
She tried to piece things together.
Robert had called the wedding off.
She immediately negated that as being untrue. Robert had said he loved her, in so many words. She could distinctly even remember the dinner date at The Villain. Had he been trying to tell her then?
And then on the phone, when he'd called to say he had an assignment and might miss the party.
He'd said it, twice, in less than a week.
Oh my god, was he lying to me? Kathy wondered.
"I called Allegra." Lucinda announced. "She's coming over in two minutes, just as soon as she gets rid of the billionaire."
"I told you not to bother her, Luce." Kathy said, pressing the palms of her hands to her temples and shaking her head to somehow clear her mind. It only made her head hurt.
“Doesn’t matter. She asked if she could come over the second she picked up the phone.”
Kathy groaned as a deafening knock sounded at the door.
“You really need to give me a key, one of these days, Kat.” Allegra said as she bounded into the kitchen. She stopped as soon as she saw the look on her face, and frowned. “What’s wrong?” she asked.
“That idiot.” Lucinda said vehemently.
“Yes?” Allegra asked.
“Has called. Off. The. Wedding.” Lucinda said, clenching her teeth.
Lucinda nodded grimly.
“Why? Should I kill him? Never mind, I am going to kill him! What does he think he’s doing?!” Allegra exclaimed. She BANGED her hand on the table. “How dare he? We’re not going to stand for this, Kathy, are we?”
“CALM DOWN, Allegra. Katherine is still in shock, as you see. She hasn’t accepted it yet. I maintain the man was an idiot to begin with, but…” Lucinda trailed off.
The teapot shrilled and Allegra snatched it off the stove, pouring a cup of tea for Kathy so hastily that she burned herself.
A shriek resounded through the kitchen and tea slopped over the beige walls.
“For God’s sake, Allegra, if you can’t do something properly, let me do it!” Lucinda snapped, fluttering her hands at Allegra and pouring the tea properly. She set it down in front of Kathy, who frowned and shook her head.
“I’m fine, Luce.” Kathy said irritably, even as she drained a cup of strong ginger tea.
“Where’s that letter?” Allegra asked suddenly.
Lucinda pointed wordlessly with one long finger towards the living room, and Allegra bounced up.
A roar of rage came from the living room a minute later, and Kathy winced. Lucinda stood up and closed the door to the rest of the house with a squeak and a SMACK!
“You really should practice closing that door more often, Luce.” Kathy said, pouring herself another cup of tea.
“Hmmph!” Lucinda said. “I have a premonition I’ll be SLAMMING it!” She sat down with a huff and poured herself a cup of tea as well.
“Can’t you just… leave me alone?” Kathy asked slowly. “I really just want to be alone right now.”
“Of course, dear.” Lucinda said, standing up and walking out of the kitchen.
Kathy suddenly felt very alone indeed. She felt as if something was seriously wrong.
The wedding wasn’t off— it couldn’t be.
She suddenly felt bewildered and small and childish— she felt as if something had happened and she knew she was supposed to be aware of it, but suddenly she couldn’t be, not when everything was already so uncertain for her. She just wanted to sleep.
But she couldn’t sleep, because she still needed to figure out the seating arrangements— because Robert couldn’t have called off the wedding. More importantly, he wouldn’t.
If anyone did, it would be her. And she most certainly had not called it off. He had.
But he hadn’t. Had he?
She stared wordlessly out the window. The sun seemed to be setting, faster and faster until she was in a dark kitchen with a cup of ice cold tea.
Lucinda tiptoed in at one point to check on Rico— she turned on the lights when she came on— and she closed the light again as she left.
Kathy didn’t notice. She was much too preoccupied with what was going on in her head.
She was reliving the restaurant date, and wondering what in the world had gone wrong. Because Robert most definitely had not called off the wedding.
He hadn’t. He just hadn’t. She was sure of it… so why was there this sinking feeling in the bottom of her stomach?
Kathy stood up and grabbed the phone, dialling her mother’s number.
Agnes Summers answered the phone on the first ring.
“‘ello?” she asked crisply in her French accent.
“Mother?” Kathy said.
“Ah, chéri! ‘Ow are you?” Agnes asked, smiling broadly on the other end of the line.
“I-I’m not sure.”
“‘Ow is the wedding planning coming along?” Agnes asked. “Eef you want me to contribute my lace veil, you are welcome to eet. Your father, of course, will protest, but since when has—“
“The wedding’s off.” Kathy said in a small voice.
Agnes paused. Then she laughed a little laugh. “Eemposseeble. Robert would not allow it. You ‘ave seen the way ‘e acts.”
“He called it off.” Kathy said, in an even smaller voice.
“Nonsense!” Agnes said, after an even longer pause. “Nonsense!” she repeated.
“Yes, Mother… Nonsense!” Kathy said, her voice cracking. “But it’s all a dream, Mother, just tell me that it’s all a dream.”
“I am coming over.” Said Agnes. “Don’t you worry, ch´ri, we will figure out all thees, thees nonsense.”
And Agnes Summers hung up.
Kathy slumped in her chair, trying to make sense of the day.
She’d woken up. That was normal. That was what she did every day.
She’d eaten. Kathy frowned as she tried to remember, then gave up entirely. This was insane. Why… what… where— she needed Robert, Robert would help. Robert would help her make sense of all this.
She picked up the phone to call him and ask him— what was so wrong with her that she couldn’t form a coherent thought.
She’d dialed the number and even let the phone ring for a while before remembering that Robert was the reason she couldn’t think straight.
This was all Robert’s fault, this strange stomach churning, lead intestine feeling. Not to mention she felt empty at the same time.
Kathy frowned. It was all Robert’s fault. She struggled to remember why it was, and then she remembered the letter, and everything came crashing down all at once.
“THIS IS TERRIBLE!” she shouted, so loud that Allegra screamed from the next room.
And suddenly everything was flooding over her and everything just seemed so close and so real and Kathy broke down completely.
Water overflowed from her eyes and she gasped for air as she realized that Robert was gone— he’d called off the wedding, and, and — and she wasn’t going to see him, ever again. This was all ROBERT’S fault— he was the one who had made this happen. And here she was, paying for it.
“L-Lucindaaaaaa!” she shrieked, rushing into the living room. “I need the letter. Give me the letter. I need to see the letter.”
Lucinda handed it to her and Kathy snatched it so fast that she crumpled it. She sat down on the floor and smoothed it out on her thigh, trying to decipher the words that were starting to be dotted with tears.
“Dear Kathy,” it said.
She faintly remembered this bit.
"I'm writing you a letter. I tried to tell you at the restaurant, at The Villain, but I couldn't tell you there.
"Knowing you, you'll understand, I hope, but I couldn't tell you face to face.
"I hope you don't think me a coward; I should be telling this to your face, but I can’t stand to see you when you start crying— you know that.”
She could actually feel him smiling faintly— wanting to tell her something he felt was best for her, while at the same time dashing all her hopes to the ground… tears trickled down her cheeks and she wiped them away impatiently. Didn’t want to see her cry… of COURSE he was a coward… of COURSE he was!
“It’s about the wedding. I can't go through with it. Don’t worry about calling all the services— I took care of it. You won't have to worry about that insane caterer— I called him and recompensed him for all his trouble so far. In fact, I went to everyone and told them the wedding's off.”
Yes, the caterer was insane, Kathy thought. Absolutely insane. He wanted triple the pay for something not even worth half. She wouldn’t have used him at all, in fact, if he hadn’t been the only one available— but…
"There's nothing you can do, Katherine. Not about any of this. Don’t worry about what started this entire fiasco.”
Was he saying their entire RELATIONSHIP was a fiasco?
“It’s not you— it's me. I can't get married to you with what's going on at my end. I wish I could, but I can’t, and that’s the end of it.
“I’m not expecting you to forgive me, and I’m not expecting you to understand. But this is what’s best, unfortunately, and this is what we have to do. Alright? I want you to smile, every day, and try not to get your heart broken over me. Okay?”
It was signed ROBERT, with a postscript that said:
“Don’t try to contact me. I won’t answer. Please don’t look for me, Kat— you can’t change my mind.”
She flung the letter down and burst into hot, angry, bewildered tears. This wasn’t right! This wasn’t right at all! What WAS with him? This wasn’t supposed to be happening. Not here. Not now.
The doorbell rang and Allegra got up, subdued, to answer it.
“Where eez she?” Agnes asked. “And more eemportantly, where eez that… that… that ‘ooligan? I shall keel eem when I see eem!”
“She’s in the living room.” Allegra said.
Kathy didn’t pay attention to them. She even did not realize when her mother came in and drew her in a close embrace. Kathy cried and cried and cried, and she didn’t stop until she just couldn’t cry any more.
Now she just felt empty.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Day In...

The first day in, and I spent... 80% of my time studying for the SAT.

On one hand, dismal scores (I guarantee you that if I checked them over... twice, instead of stopping as soon as I finished the last question, I would have gotten frabjous scores instead.), on the other hand, dismal word count.

I was aiming for 5,000 words, but the scenes seem to be NOT writing themselves, unlike what I was expecting. Which, obviously, was that they would write themselves. They're not. Happily, however, the first scene of NaNoWriMo went 355 words over the goal. (words in outline times 36, i.e. 1044).

It's about the DATE... and Robert is rather strange to Kathy. (the next scene, though, seems to me even worse. XD)

Here's a sneak peek:
Robert showed up at the door that day in his characteristic suit and tie. He was punctual, as usual, and even Lucinda had to smile, albeit grimly, at the nervousness on his face.
"Hmmph." Lucinda said. "You’d think you were proposing to her TODAY, instead of having done it two years ago."
Robert hadn’t a chance to answer before Lucinda turned away from him to call Kathy. Sighing, Robert let himself in as Lucinda shouted up the stairs.
"KATHERINE! Your fiancé is here!"
It was only a moment before Kathy swooped down the velvet-covered stairs with a wide smile, and Robert caught his breath as he surveyed the vision she presented.
Shining dark brown eyes, auburn hair twisted into a bun, diamonds he’d bought for her… one day when they were simply walking and enjoying life… holding hands. It made what he had to do that much worse. Her dress seemed to sparkle, and as she drew closer he realized that it had sequins embroidered on it, the dark green material winking at him as if it knew…
But Robert shook his head to clear it and cleared his throat as Kathy reached the landing.
"You look beautiful." He said as he took her hand in his.
Kathy smiled brightly. "Really? I thought the sequins kind of… off-put it. Don’t you think so, Luce?" she asked, preening herself in the mirror. "My hair never STAYS." She said as a tendril fell from the bun. "Isn’t it terrible?"
"We’re going to be late, Kat." Robert said, looking nervously at his watch.
"Hmmph!" Lucinda said, turning and marching into the kitchen, where she commenced knitting furiously. "You enjoy yourselves!" she shouted from the kitchen, though her tone conveyed exactly what she thought of the business: a load of nonsense.
Kathy chatted about her plan for creating a forcefield around the earth as they entered the car. "You see, Rob, if I trap the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide within a highly dense force field, there really should be no problem with overwarming the Earth in… well I haven’t done the math for THAT yet, but think about it."
Robert nodded distractedly, and Kathy noticed because instead of offering advice— he was usually so good at that— he didn’t seem to be paying attention at all!
"Are you alright?" she asked.
Robert glanced at her as he pulled out of the parking lot. "Of course I am." He said automatically. "I’m absolutely fine."
Kathy rolled her eyes and stared out the window for the rest of the journey, wondering what in the world was wrong with him. Usually they talked and laughed… but today, it was as if something had gone wrong.
"Is there something wrong with one of your assignments?" Kathy asked as Robert stopped the car and tossed the keys to the valet of The Villain, the local villainous restaurant. Robert started— how had she known? And then quickly realized that he shouldn’t. He calmed down almost immediately, but Kathy had realized something, and her eyes narrowed.
"What? No, no, everything’s just fine."
"Have you GOT an assignment?"
"Yes. Er… highly confidential." Robert said, nodding to one of the greenclad doormen. The doorman nodded back and said "Welcome back, Mr. Gr—" Robert pierced him with a gaze as the other, older doorman said hastily. "We hope you’ll enjoy the special tonight." He said, opening the door.
"Thank you." Robert said, handing a small bill to the second doorman.
Robert chanced a glance at Kathy as the entered the dining room. She didn’t seem to have noticed anything out of the ordinary, but then again, she was preoccupied with that PLAN of hers… a really brilliant plan— he almost wished he’d thought of it himself.
"We’re here, Kat." He whispered— she’d almost walked right past the table.
"I knew that." She snapped, then shot him a quick smile as she sat down in the chair he’d pulled out.
"Did you know, Rob, that the caterer wants DOUBLE the money? I told him a flat-out ‘no’. If he wanted double the money, I told him, I wanted double the food— we’ll just have to invite double the people. Don’t you think so?"
The waiter came and asked for their orders.
"Er…" Robert said, trying desperately to find something to say.
"He’ll have the chicken parmasiano," Kathy said quickly, "and I’ll have… the…" she skimmed the menu quickly. "Special."
"It has meat in it, Miss."
"Nothing, I am merely required to say so." Said the waiter seriously.
"Oh. And… to drink, he’ll have…" she surveyed Robert, realized that he was going to be driving and that he already looked rather woozy, and opened her mouth.
"Ice— ice water." Robert said. "Lots and lots of ice water."
"He'll have the ice water." Kathy said, echoing him, "and I'll have just water— room temperature, please."
When the waiter had left, Kathy stared at him. "What IS wrong with you? Don't tell me it's an assignment— there's something seriously wrong, isn't there? You ALWAYS order the chicken parmasiano."
"Er… w-well, you s-see, Kat, I h-have this problem— and I really d-don't— I really should have written notes for this—"
"Is it about the wedding?"
"K-kind of." Robert said, starting to sweat profusely.
"Really? Because it seems to always be about the wedding. You know what? Let's put the wedding out of our minds and just enjoy the dinner. What's up at work?"
Robert groaned inwardly and tried to deflect the question. "N-not much. Er… tell me about that plan of yours again."
Kathy shot him a look, but she started talking about her plan nonetheless, raising an eyebrow whenever he asked a stupid question, which Robert thought was agonizingly often.
"Robert…" said Kathy after he'd asked another stupid question: ("So… er… what exactly is carbon dioxide?")
"I don't want to say this, but you are obviously suffering for a nervous breakdown. I'LL drive you home and then just WALK." She stood up and called for the waiter.
"Y-you can't do that." Robert said, standing up hurriedly but digging out his wallet just the same.
"Of course I can." Kathy said, leaving as the waiter came up.
"H-here." Robert said, handing the man a hundred dollar bill and chasing after Kathy, who had almost left the restaurant.
He narrowly missed a corpulent, old, diamond-decked lady who aimed and missed at his head with her purse, shot after Kathy, who had now passed the doormen and was waiting for him with an air of extreme impatience. "I need the ticket, Robert." She said.
Robert hastily dug it out of his pocket— one did not argue with Kathy Summers if he wished to keep his body the way it was— and handed it to her silently.
"Here you go." She said, handing it to the valet, who examined it cheerfully and said that the car would be just a minute.

"Now, Rob, you make yourself comfortable and I'll drive you home." She said, removing her high heels and pulling her skirt up so that she could manage the gas pedal.
Robert gave up and leaned back and closed his eyes. It was no use. He'd have to write her a letter.
He nearly crashed through the windshield as Kathy launched out of the restaurant's driveway, but when he shot a shocked glance at her, she was biting her lip and looking carefully at the road.
Deciding against distracting her in case he really DID crash through the windshield, Robert grabbed the handle at the top of the car door and braced himself for any more sudden acceleration.
She parked the car, albeit not too neatly, in his garage, then got out and put on her high heels. "Bye." She said cheerfully as he got up woozily from the car.
"Do you want me to unlock the door for you?" she asked.
"No, no, I'm fine. Are you sure you don't want to take my car?"
"Goodness no, Rob! I'll be fine. It's just a mile."
"You're wearing three inch heels." He pointed out.
"So what? I'll go barefoot. Besides, I need a minute to myself— Lucinda will probably want to know all about tonight." She said, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before turning and walking down the street in those ridiculously long heels.

And here's the weird thing. "I Write Like..." says I write like Stephen King. -_^

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Late Post...

This is big. I have some wonderful character-- expect character sketches soon! I have nearly complete conflict outlines-- just need the end of Allegra's and Lucinda's stories, which currently sound rather lame.
And, though the SAT is closer than ever and though today I epically failed and read "median" as "mean" (two COMPLETELY different mathematical terms, which when confused on a multiple choice question, are GUARANTEED to provide headaches and bad self-confidence), I am confident that I'll get a good score. On the real thing. Not the one I just did-- that one's going to suck to no end. Honestly. I'll post the scores later.
Scrivener 2 is out... and my favorite things about it are, so far: 
  •  Fullscreen backdrop: this is the best. Feature. Ever. Scrivener 1.x had fullscreen, but I can't stand a solid color-- I need something to admire. Cue stopping and minimizing every other window on the computer. I'm ecstatic that that is no longer necessary. 
  •  Simpler font/color/highlight change: Part of the reason I was outlining in Pages beforehand was 'cause I needed a 'master' outline-- since I'll be without Scrivener access for a while, I won't be able to use index cards. Being able to change the font from the main editing screen will be wonderful. 
  • Templates: I get CHARACTER TEMPLATES, people. Tell me one reason why that's NOT good. Yup. I couldn't find one either.
  Okay, so, in other notes, all three books now have titles: _, REVENGE AND GREY CHINA, and SECRETS AND GREEN EYES.
Revenge and Grey China, of course, is the most popular title yet. ... is this a good time to mention I'm participating in MilWordy? I have two versions so far: November 1st, 101 to October 31st, 2011 Year 2011 My goal is to not only write a million words in each challenge (the word counts overlap, by the way), but also to get them readable. This means editing, in general, and will definitely allow me to upload SOMETHING to WEBook. Which, by the way, needs uploads badly. A couple of plot bunnies have already emerged. One is about Andive, a princess who doesn't want to marry a prince and thus goes off into the woods to unenchant a prince and marry HIM instead. Simply by writing this sentence I've got even MORE ideas, and a couple of them aren't even related to Andive.
One of these days I'm going to honestly sit down and mind-map EVERYTHING that I think of, novel-wise. Then I'm going to sit back and admire my handy-work.
I need to better organize my memory stick: I'm hoping that my parents agree to letting me stay up late on Halloween-- I've planned going to bed early Saturday AND Monday night if necessary. I can organize it then. December will be spent making quick outlines for January/February, but December/January will be TERRIBLE writing months, probably throwing me back by AGES, word-count wise. I will probably be emailing myself stories and mind maps, as well as using TONS of online sources.
I totally need to sit down and do my SAT, but writing this all down is terribly calming. My NaNoWriMo signature needs a better layout. I'll be inputting a couple of important dates (WON!) into it, as well as a fast cover for the trilogy. When it's done, I'll post it here as well.
There is so much more to write: today I finally sat down and just literally planned for half an hour. I should have had more, but I got caught up in Photoshop. SaGE is finally at about the same level as everything else, and it is very encouraging. I knew, of course, what happened with Kathy, Robert, Allegra, Osken, Daniel, and Lucinda (and even Fluffles, the ickle boddy-kins). But now, at least, Kathy and Allegra's bit is written out. Next, Fluffles and Lucinda, and then I can sit down and fix the Alle/ Dan (Danalle?) bits in the middle-- bits written circa October 11th and now heavily outdated.
Speaking of which, the plot wall has now been rendered obsolete thanks to my brain coping better. I still like adding things to it, but it will be used more as a mind map than anything else.

PS. This was written October 27th, but I never had time to upload it. I also will never complete that MilWordy... about 550/1000k in 2011.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

This is getting more and more complicated...

I have somehow managed to transform Revenge and Grey China into a Trilogy. Oh, the book is still going to be exactly the same, but Kathy's story needs an actual beginning and an end, so here it is.

I'm aiming for at least 90,000 words in each book, which means about 270,000 words.
I did the math last night and calculated how much time it would take me to write the book if I extended the challenge to December 15th.

Here's the math for Version 1: (November 1st to November 30th)
Word goal per day: 9,000

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Measure of Conflict

It's been done.

I have all the conflicts in the novel planned out. That's right. All of Kathy's, Allegra's, and even... *dadadaaaa* Lucinda's problems are mapped out. Daniel, Robert, and even "Osken" are featured as well, so that the entire novel will actually have a plot and fundamental characters with small quirks-- something none of my other novels have. (It feels nice knowing I'll be able to sit down and edit this one without trembling for fear of falling into a plot hole.)

Of course, now I have to flesh the conflicts out into scenes, but that's simple. I've already got two conflicts into about four scenes, which DEFINITELY means that my book may be overlong... but that's good.

A rather bad part about all this planning is that I have ideas not only for THIS book, but also the prequel and the sequel to it. You see, Kathy Summers has a bit of a history.

My health? Well, typing hasn't started hurting my wrists yet. Much. I'm looking up dares faithfully, finding romantic lines, opening lines, funny lines... basically getting ready to insert as much hilarity and silliness into the book as possible.

I am enjoying myself famously.

NaNoWriMo Approaching!

Yes, I know I'm supposed to be focusing solely on the SAT in November, but my brain (aided and abetted by my head, obviously), is refusing to concentrate on the SAT and is instead darting towards the novel I'll be writing.

It's called Revenge and Grey China, and will, no doubt, be one of the silliest bits of fiction ever written.

The book's synopsis, as featured on NaNoWriMo, is the following:

Kathy Summers, known as Katherine to her mother, has just been dumped. But this isn't just any kind of dumping. This is the kind of dumping when your fiancé of two years suddenly decides he can't handle marrying a member of the Villain Society.
After bawling her eyes out, Kathy decides to exact revenge.
She's got a basic idea: kill off the girlfriend, key the car, blow up the house, punch his face again... but the jig is up when her plans backfire, one by one: first the mega-punch ray malfunctions and starts slapping instead, then the dynamite gets soggy, and lastly, her villain mentor, Lucinda, receives a cat from a secret admirer.
But worst of all, her best friend Allegra is being followed by a love-sick millionaire, who's convinced that he and Allegra are soul mates, no matter how much Allegra hates him.
And we swear on the ex-fiancé's puffy left eye: the lovesickness has NOTHING to do with being hit on the head with Allegra's grey china teapot.
I'm proud to say it's gone through three edits already, most of them for vocabulary and wording. XD
Anyway, the book is divided up mostly between Kathy's story and Allegra's.
I still, of course, have to decide what POV I'll be using, (will it be Kathy or Allegra telling the story? Lucinda, maybe? And... first or third person?)
The REALLY terrible bit, though, is the fact that I am supposed to be outlining the entire thing in preparation for November, and I have no idea how I want the ending to end..
Ah well, that's for later, isn't it?