Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Late Post...

This is big. I have some wonderful character-- expect character sketches soon! I have nearly complete conflict outlines-- just need the end of Allegra's and Lucinda's stories, which currently sound rather lame.
And, though the SAT is closer than ever and though today I epically failed and read "median" as "mean" (two COMPLETELY different mathematical terms, which when confused on a multiple choice question, are GUARANTEED to provide headaches and bad self-confidence), I am confident that I'll get a good score. On the real thing. Not the one I just did-- that one's going to suck to no end. Honestly. I'll post the scores later.
Scrivener 2 is out... and my favorite things about it are, so far: 
  •  Fullscreen backdrop: this is the best. Feature. Ever. Scrivener 1.x had fullscreen, but I can't stand a solid color-- I need something to admire. Cue stopping and minimizing every other window on the computer. I'm ecstatic that that is no longer necessary. 
  •  Simpler font/color/highlight change: Part of the reason I was outlining in Pages beforehand was 'cause I needed a 'master' outline-- since I'll be without Scrivener access for a while, I won't be able to use index cards. Being able to change the font from the main editing screen will be wonderful. 
  • Templates: I get CHARACTER TEMPLATES, people. Tell me one reason why that's NOT good. Yup. I couldn't find one either.
  Okay, so, in other notes, all three books now have titles: _, REVENGE AND GREY CHINA, and SECRETS AND GREEN EYES.
Revenge and Grey China, of course, is the most popular title yet. ... is this a good time to mention I'm participating in MilWordy? I have two versions so far: November 1st, 101 to October 31st, 2011 Year 2011 My goal is to not only write a million words in each challenge (the word counts overlap, by the way), but also to get them readable. This means editing, in general, and will definitely allow me to upload SOMETHING to WEBook. Which, by the way, needs uploads badly. A couple of plot bunnies have already emerged. One is about Andive, a princess who doesn't want to marry a prince and thus goes off into the woods to unenchant a prince and marry HIM instead. Simply by writing this sentence I've got even MORE ideas, and a couple of them aren't even related to Andive.
One of these days I'm going to honestly sit down and mind-map EVERYTHING that I think of, novel-wise. Then I'm going to sit back and admire my handy-work.
I need to better organize my memory stick: I'm hoping that my parents agree to letting me stay up late on Halloween-- I've planned going to bed early Saturday AND Monday night if necessary. I can organize it then. December will be spent making quick outlines for January/February, but December/January will be TERRIBLE writing months, probably throwing me back by AGES, word-count wise. I will probably be emailing myself stories and mind maps, as well as using TONS of online sources.
I totally need to sit down and do my SAT, but writing this all down is terribly calming. My NaNoWriMo signature needs a better layout. I'll be inputting a couple of important dates (WON!) into it, as well as a fast cover for the trilogy. When it's done, I'll post it here as well.
There is so much more to write: today I finally sat down and just literally planned for half an hour. I should have had more, but I got caught up in Photoshop. SaGE is finally at about the same level as everything else, and it is very encouraging. I knew, of course, what happened with Kathy, Robert, Allegra, Osken, Daniel, and Lucinda (and even Fluffles, the ickle boddy-kins). But now, at least, Kathy and Allegra's bit is written out. Next, Fluffles and Lucinda, and then I can sit down and fix the Alle/ Dan (Danalle?) bits in the middle-- bits written circa October 11th and now heavily outdated.
Speaking of which, the plot wall has now been rendered obsolete thanks to my brain coping better. I still like adding things to it, but it will be used more as a mind map than anything else.

PS. This was written October 27th, but I never had time to upload it. I also will never complete that MilWordy... about 550/1000k in 2011.

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