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I've been writing since 4th grade, in 2002ish, but only since 2008 have I started considering my work as worthy of being talked about.

If you'd like to see more detail about a work, check to see if it's clickable. If it's not... there's no more info. If it is, click the link.

A short list:
Sabanoud Doeslayer (never touching again)
In Which There is Edward (undergoing heavy rewrites as Pirate Prince)
Paa'nik Comic Script/Various scripts (not for me)
Revenge and Grey China (sequel underway)
Dashboard (not sure)
Princess Winnipeg (great fun! not sure about its future)
The Blood Feud (a bit of a pain, posted online)
Riddle Rose (not sure, posted online)
Pirate Prince (still underway)
Perfume (undergoing edits)

Sabanoud Doeslayer (working title) : 50k
[Shayanne steps into a portal and ends up in a parallel world, struggling to get back home. She meets Esthmalin Crystalseer, a silver-haired, hot-tempered elf, and Chamomile, a cat (called a goblin), as she journeys. She takes the name Sabanoud Doeslayer in the elf's land.]

It was a brave foray into the world of NaNoWriMo, and I am proud to say that although the writing was crappy, I finished NaNo'08 on November 19th, at 50,000 words, and then did not write anything finished until 2009.

In Which There Is Edward (working title) : 100k
[Edward is a spoiled prince who is sent by the kingdom's witch, Bathilda, to live on a talking ship with pink sails (Pinkie). No one remembers Edward, and since the kingdom has been left without a prince, a prince contest emerges-- the prize being Cornelia, a woman captured from the past. However, Cornelia is really Bathilda's ancient counterpart, and as time begins unraveling, many interesting adventures emerge.]

I finished this on the 28th, after having a few 10-15k days. It is the first novel I printed out, and has gaping plot holes, especially in the end. There is also an inordinate amount of bickering between Cornelia and Edward and Pinkie. At the moment (Sept. 30, 2011), I'm planning on editing this heavily during March 2012 or earlier.

Paa'nik Comic Script and random movie script : 105 pages
[A man has to find a wife for some reason or another. Random drivel to flesh out my world.]

The first Script Frenzy I ever tried, and also quite possibly the most terrible experience ever. I am not made for scripts. Or perhaps I just wasn't ready for writing during April. April was a complicated time, and though I won, I think I almost vowed never to do it again.

Revenge and Grey China [Kathy & Co.] : 66k
[Kathy Summers, known as Katherine to her mother, has just been dumped. But this isn't just any kind of dumping. This is the kind of dumping when your fiancé of two years suddenly decides he can't handle marrying a member of the Villain Society.

After bawling her eyes out, Kathy decides to exact revenge.

She's got a basic idea: kill off the girlfriend, key the car, blow up the house, punch his face again... but the jig is up when her plans backfire, one by one: first the mega-punch ray malfunctions and starts slapping instead, then the dynamite gets soggy, and lastly, her villain mentor, Lucinda, receives a cat from a secret admirer.

But worst of all, her best friend Allegra is being followed by a love-sick millionaire, who's convinced that he and Allegra are soul mates, no matter how much Allegra hates him.

And we swear on the ex-fiancé's puffy left eye: the lovesickness has NOTHING to do with being hit on the head with Allegra's grey china teapot.]

After planning for nearly a month using Randy Ingermanson's Snowflake Method, I had detailed scene outlines, which I wrote with religiously for the entire month. Though ridiculously helpful for a strong plot, I found that I became bored and had to sometimes sit and force myself to write. NaNo'10 was an exercise in self-discipline, as Screnzy'10 had been.

Secrets and Green Eyes [Kathy & Co.] + Diverse : 53 pages
[When a villainess finds out her fiancé is actually a very dangerous man, she becomes excruciatingly... paranoid.]

Following up on Revenge and Grey China, Secrets and Green Eyes was meant to be the sequel-- and managed to be, lasting for almost twenty thousand words before I quite literally could NOT sit down to write. Currently, [Sept. 30th, 2011] I am planning on resuscitating this and finishing it.

Dashboard [working title] : 44k
[Elizabeth, known to the world by names such as Cindy, Joanna, and Rebecca, has been working for Malone for years, training rookies in the stealing arts and basically hating her job. When a guy named Mark shows up and she has to train him too, Elizabeth decides to kill off both him and her boss. But Mark isn't who he says he is, just like Elizabeth isn't who she says she is. They engage in a short-lived affair, which ends rather tragically when Elizabeth's long-lost brother shows up and does a series of stupid things.]

I started Dashboard a while before July, but since it only had a measly 4k to its name, and I had no better ideas, I sat down and began writing it for July. July 29th, I had just 40k, and I was heartily sick of the story. Elizabeth ended up killing Mark (who later turned out to be Aaron), and then retiring on a tropical island. She had practically no morals, just like Aaron. I supplemented my word count with other random things I'd written during the month, (which I originally wasn't going to do, but desperate times call for desperate measures!), and managed to win Camp NaNo The First.

Princess Winnipeg : 60k
[Princess Winnipeg is having her glorious ride into the sunset with a dashingly handsome prince (if only she knew his name!) when a loudspoken authoress who calls herself Prin swoops down and plucks her off the beautiful steed. 

Prin, it turns out, writes satires for a living and rescues princesses from princes in her spare time.

Prin explains a good deal of interesting things, but Princess Winnipeg wants nothing but to go back to her handsome knight in shining armor. She's prevented, however, by one of Prin's suitors (quite annoying, Prin assures her), Prin's characters, and her own growing curiousity as to /what/ exactly is going on in Royaland.]

In comparison to July, August was a very productive month. Though I went off to camp for a week and didn't write anything for about 7 days, I managed 100k during the whole month. Princess Winnipeg was pantsed, but I think the dialogue, description, and plot merit editing, so I'll be doing that either during January or March 2012.

To get the last 40k, I began finishing stories I'd started for Paa'nik, writing 10-15k for the last 3 days of August.

The Blood Feud : 90k during November, ongoing

[Eight people live and die in a blood feud. What they don't know is that the feud is a fake... until Frederick starts finding out a couple of secrets. Told from the POV of eight characters, this follows the Martins, the Lundquists, and Gerald Hughes as they fall in love, find secrets, hate each other, die, and go insane.]

Planning for the Feud started in September, 2011. I planned out ahead too much and found a slump for most of the writing process. However, I slogged on ahead and finished on time, (ish), with 90k. Below my quota, but enough to be able to participate in NaNoFiMo... unfortunately. I don't like going into December. But it's happened for the past two years. I think I have a talent for it. XD

The Feud will be finished this December, and I'm putting it up on WeBooks for critiques and comments... so maybe I'll actually edit it? It would be a first.

Riddle Rose : finished in May

[The shadow covers everything for twelve leagues. It's been there for twelve years, caused by the curse placed on the castle in the center. Inside lies a monster. And the only way to kill it and remove the shadow is to solve the riddles that are inside. Ellen Nolan takes the challenge... and finds herself confronted with a beast that changes shape to reflect your worst nightmare.]

It's not as horror-y as it sounds... but I'm tired. A better synopsis is coming up! Right now I'm actually writing the book... and completely pantsing it. And taking notes on the details as I go... it can't hurt, right?

January to May
Riddle Rose : finished at 56k

[Same as above, only Heather's name was changed to ELLEN.]

January ongoing

Pirate Prince : a rewrite of my NaNo'09. Ongoing.

[Edward has lost his memory. He's been on a pirate ship for eight years. When he meets Cornelia Brooks, a young woman who landed in the village of Fettlehill... eight years ago. As Edward, Cornelia, and Edward's ship, Pinkie, try to discover how the two events are connected, they discover a great many secrets, heartaches, etc. Includes time travel and weird characters.]

This one started its rewrite in early January. After writing nearly 6 chapters, I realized I didn't like the story. And started from the beginning again, this time with a completely different POV on the story. Instead of starting at the beginning, it starts in the middle.


Perfume : 62k

[EMELI PROOT is the only daughter of the richest merchant on the plateau. Her primary interests are parties, dancing, fashion, and choosing which of her many suitors to marry.

But all that changes when her father suddenly dies-- and reveals that all of the money he's been spending has been on credit. Before she knows it, Emeli is tossed out with nothing but the maid's clothes on her back and a serious penchant for crying.

YAZMEEN KAEEL is the only man in a family of women. He's been the man of the house since he was eighteen, keeping them alive and healthy in a world where women's jobs amount to childcare and sewing. He's totally capable of taking care of Emeli. But she insulted him once and he's not about to help her out of this mess... not unless she makes it worth his while.

But Emeli soon learns that all her bargaining tools are useless in Yazmeen's world. And that life is harder without money. And that she's much stronger than she thinks.] 

I got the idea for this one from a friend. We were emailing back and forth, wondering what it might have smelled like in the medieval times. My suggestion: "Perfume, with a hint of gutter and a dash of manure."

From there, I had most of the story in my head, except that it was 18th century England or something and everything was going along swimmingly. Then I read Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale, and it all moved to quasi-Tibet.

This as a fascinating novel because I reached 50,000 words in the first ten days... then it took me till the 22nd to finish it (prior engagements for a week). I loved it all the way through, and now I'm editing it-- hopefully to tack on an extra 28k so it's more publishable length. I'm thinking of self-publishing, so we'll see what happens.

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