Friday, December 9, 2011

Riddle Rose

Riddle Rose is now being posted on WeBook!

I'm planning on updating with a new chapter AT LEAST once a week-- but I have a lot of things going on-- not only do I have to plan Carl and Stella's story for Momoka, but I need to finish The Blood Feud (which is also being posted on WeBook)... something which I'm dreading.

December is really busy right now.

I'm writing two things at the same time and planning a third (do I HAVE to? says my Muse... but I'm evil and say 'yes, you do.'), as well as writing (well, let's be honest-- TRYING to write) 4k a day.

See, I want to hit 400k on MilHalfy by the end of December... that means 4.5k a day. It's NOT working out so well, since Muse has decided to go on strike, and everything looks vaguely uninteresting. And boring.

And annoying.

So... what is the answer to this?

SLOGGING. Slogging means putting a pitiful drop of 1k, 2k words a day into the bucket of the novel. It means TRYING to get up early to write for an hour and then going off to Facebook because you cannot muster the courage or inclination to write that conversation.

It means painting with broad strokes and leaving plot holes... JUST so you can say... "It's done. Here it is."

It means bad quality on The Blood Feud, especially at the end bits. I mean... I sure don't want to go back and figure out what I need to wrap up in everyone's stories! I mean, I love Natalie and Grigory... but I'm sick of the story. I want to get Frederick to tell Henry a couple of things and I want Henry and Marie to discuss a few things... and then I want to have a big family meeting scene and I want that to be IT.

And then I'll fix it all in any revisions once I get Muse away from vegetable-mode and more towards hyperactive-mode.

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