Saturday, October 9, 2010

NaNoWriMo Approaching!

Yes, I know I'm supposed to be focusing solely on the SAT in November, but my brain (aided and abetted by my head, obviously), is refusing to concentrate on the SAT and is instead darting towards the novel I'll be writing.

It's called Revenge and Grey China, and will, no doubt, be one of the silliest bits of fiction ever written.

The book's synopsis, as featured on NaNoWriMo, is the following:

Kathy Summers, known as Katherine to her mother, has just been dumped. But this isn't just any kind of dumping. This is the kind of dumping when your fiancé of two years suddenly decides he can't handle marrying a member of the Villain Society.
After bawling her eyes out, Kathy decides to exact revenge.
She's got a basic idea: kill off the girlfriend, key the car, blow up the house, punch his face again... but the jig is up when her plans backfire, one by one: first the mega-punch ray malfunctions and starts slapping instead, then the dynamite gets soggy, and lastly, her villain mentor, Lucinda, receives a cat from a secret admirer.
But worst of all, her best friend Allegra is being followed by a love-sick millionaire, who's convinced that he and Allegra are soul mates, no matter how much Allegra hates him.
And we swear on the ex-fiancé's puffy left eye: the lovesickness has NOTHING to do with being hit on the head with Allegra's grey china teapot.
I'm proud to say it's gone through three edits already, most of them for vocabulary and wording. XD
Anyway, the book is divided up mostly between Kathy's story and Allegra's.
I still, of course, have to decide what POV I'll be using, (will it be Kathy or Allegra telling the story? Lucinda, maybe? And... first or third person?)
The REALLY terrible bit, though, is the fact that I am supposed to be outlining the entire thing in preparation for November, and I have no idea how I want the ending to end..
Ah well, that's for later, isn't it?

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