Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Measure of Conflict

It's been done.

I have all the conflicts in the novel planned out. That's right. All of Kathy's, Allegra's, and even... *dadadaaaa* Lucinda's problems are mapped out. Daniel, Robert, and even "Osken" are featured as well, so that the entire novel will actually have a plot and fundamental characters with small quirks-- something none of my other novels have. (It feels nice knowing I'll be able to sit down and edit this one without trembling for fear of falling into a plot hole.)

Of course, now I have to flesh the conflicts out into scenes, but that's simple. I've already got two conflicts into about four scenes, which DEFINITELY means that my book may be overlong... but that's good.

A rather bad part about all this planning is that I have ideas not only for THIS book, but also the prequel and the sequel to it. You see, Kathy Summers has a bit of a history.

My health? Well, typing hasn't started hurting my wrists yet. Much. I'm looking up dares faithfully, finding romantic lines, opening lines, funny lines... basically getting ready to insert as much hilarity and silliness into the book as possible.

I am enjoying myself famously.

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